VJ Day 70 years forget about the victory remember the fallen.


I wish I got the chance to meet my grandfather and my father and his sister had the chance to be with his father while they grew up or even got the chance to say goodbye.

70 years ago that dreadful war took my grandfather’s life ruined his children’s life and made them orphans.

So many young men suffered such unbearable torture and pain.

So many families suffered.

So many young men returned to be left to deal with the horrific memories.

That war!

Such a waste of life.

I honour and remember those that sacrificed their lives.

VJ commemorations after 70 years it’s disgraceful that only now those brave men are being commemorated.

I speak for my grandfather as I am sure he would agree and say if he were alive today even after 70 years the war mongers still bang on their war drums and repeat sacrificing lives of so many over and over again.

War is a tool that only benefits the war mongers.

Peace Love and healing is best.

Role of honours.

The role of honours.


My grand fathers and fathers medals and cap badge

My grandfathers and fathers medals and cap badge